Bodice Skirts

Figure 1.--This New Hampsire boy wears a Fauntleroy outfit with a plaid skirt. Mother probably called it a kilt, but it has no kilt features. The blouse covers the top pf the kilt, but the kilt is almost certainly a bodice kilt. The photograph was probably taken in the late 1880s.

We notice younger boys wearing skirts. Some skirts were done in tartan or plaid material and called kilts, but they really just plain skirts. We do not know for a fact that that there were bodice skirts, but it is very likely that there were. We know some plaid skirts worn with Fauntleroy jackets. They were probably called kilts, but as far as we can tell were styled like skirts. We believ that virtually all of these Fauntleroy skirts were done as bodice skirts. We notice a patern from a 1890s magazine for a blouse and bodice skirt outfit.


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Created: 12:15 AM 8/9/2007
Last updated: 12:15 AM 8/9/2007