French Smocks and Rompers: Braid Trim

Figure 1.--Some sample "croquets" ir braid can be seen above. The smock has red "croquets" used as edging around the collar. This back-buttoning gingham smock was a popular style in the 1950s.

One of the most popular ways of triming smocks and rompers as well as some other garments was the use of "croquets" or braid trim. I do not know when they were first used or indeed if they are still in use. The "croquets" or braid trim was very commonly used in yonger boys', girls', and women's clothes. Both clothing factories and mothers sewing at home used them. "Croquets" might also be found on blouses, dresses, and blouses. They were especially common on garments for younger children. This trim was commonly used to edge the collars. It might also be ysed on pockets and cuffs. In addition it was sometimes added to the front smocking or "emboitries". A French source mentins them as used in gathers. "Croquets" came in a variety of styles and color. It could be use to edge collars in a corordinated or contrasting color. They were also used for edging in romper suits and dresses, depending on the mother's sewing ability. The purpose according to one French reader was to give a "chic" look to the garments. These "croquets" were also commonly used on smocks and rompers in Belgium and the Netherlands

Christopher Wagner

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Created: December 5, 2001
Last updated: December 5, 2001