German Boys' Tunics: Chronology--1890s

Figure 1.--These German portrait was not identified, except that it was taken at the Atelier Rafael. Atelier is the German word for workshop or is this case photographic studio so we believe the portrait was tken in Germany. We know the boy was Olin and the portrait was taken in 1895. He wears a fancy sailor tunic. Notice the blocks that he is playing with.

Tunics became a major style in Europe and America. The tunic never disappeared during the 19th century, but in the 1890s in became a major style. The time line varied somewhat from country to country. We are not entirely sure about the chronology. We note tunics becoming a major style in Germany during the mid-1890s. This seems a little earlier than in America. We note different styles of tunic suits. Sailor tunics were especially popular. We note sailor tunics with both traditional styling and rather elaborate, fancy styling, including ruffels and lace. White was very popular, but they were done in different colors as well. Most tunic suits were dome with ornamental belts. Most were done with bloomer knickers.


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Created: 6:56 PM 4/16/2008
Last updated: 6:56 PM 4/16/2008