Final Fauntleroy Era: Decade Trends -- The 1920s

Figure 1.--This postcard back portrait shows an unidentified boy wearing a short pants Fauntleroy suit. we at first thought it might be an American portrait, but the fancy blouse seems more lilely to be Europwan. And the postcard back is definitely European. Germany seems the most likely contry, but ther is no way of telling for sure. e would guess it was taken jn the late-1920s.

Fauntleroy suits did not totaly disappear after World War I in the 1910s. We still see some examples in the 1920s. most of the examples we have found come from America, France, and Germany. We are not sjure if they were actually more common in these countries or this simplyh reflects the large numbers of photographic images abailable from those countries. We also see some examples from German influenced Central Europe. This is interesting because during the classic Fauntleroy era we did not see many German boys earing Funtleroy suits. Some boys still wore Fauntleroy suits or outfits with Fauntleroy touches, especially in the early-1920s. The Fauntleroy suits we see are more basic versions than we see eatlier. They were generally less elaborate suits. The ruffled collars worn in the 1910s began to disappear and were repaced with Peter Pan or other less frilly collars. Knee pants disappeared and were mostly replaced with short pants of various length, often worn with strap shoes. he Fauntleroy suit began to evolve in the 1920s into more modern suit styles, such as lapelless Eton suits for little boys.


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Created: 12:45 AM 6/10/2017
Last updated: 12:45 AM 6/10/2017