Individual Fauntleroy Suits: 1910s

Figure 1.--Fauntleroy suits before the turn of the century were generaly worn with black stockings. After the turn of the century white stockings and knee socks worn with patent leather shoes (note the bows on the shoes) became more common. This boy probably in the 1910s also swears a large ruffled colar.

This American boy is pictures with his older sister reading a book of some kind. He wears an elegant black Fauntleroy suit with large white buttons, He has an, enormous ruffled collar, kneepants, long white stockings, and patent leather pumps. His sister has long curls, but no hair bow.


HBC believes this boy and girl were probably taken in the 1910s. While the image is undated the styles involved strong suggest the 1910s, but it could also be the late 1900s. Older boys in the 1890s would probably not have worn white long stockings. Except for younger boys, black long stockings were more common. We do not believe it is a 1920s image, although it could be the early 1920s as kneepants were stull worn in the eraly 20s. We think the 1910s is more likely as the large collars were less common in the 20s.


The boy looks to be about 11 or 12 years old. His sister is much older, perhaps about 16 years old.


The children look very American to HBC. They could be European, but Ameriucan seems more likely.


The boy wears a small velvet jacket that is worn open like a Faintleroy jacket. The classic suits were cut this way to showoff the fancy blouses. There are buttons, but they look more ornamental rather than buttons that actually closed the jacket. This boy wears a rather plain blose, with the admitedly large exception of a huge ruffled collar. The jacket is black velvet with a very large buttons. Lage buttons were of course to helo a small boy dress. On a suit for a boy this age they must be decorative elements. Note that the sleeves do not show at the wrist even though the jacket sleeves are not real long. He does nor wear a floppy bow. The pants are clearly kneepants. Mote the bitton trim at the knee hem. He wears light-weight long white stockings and patent laeater dance pumps with bows.

Coordinated Outfits

The children's outfits are not coordinated, although both wear long white stockings.


One question of interest to HBC was wear these children went dresses like this. Church is one possibility, but perhaps black stockings were more suitable for church. Perhaps a birthday party. Or dancing class and recitals are another possibility. Or theu might dress up for companyor to visit relatives.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: September 12, 2001
Last updated: September 12, 2001