Boys' Suit Jackets: Patterns

Figure 1.--This CDV of an American boy in a bold pattern is undated. We would guess it was taken in the late 1860s or early 70s. He wears a white collared shirt without neckwear and a corduroy vest. Notice the velvet lapel.

We note a wide range of patterns for both suit jackets and sport jackets. Many were solid colors. As the Victorian age progressed, black frock coats became the standard for men. Patterns were allowed for boys, but among adults ere seen as rather sporty. Bold patterns might be worn by younger men but were considered as rather rakish. Patterns were very common in the late 19th century, but werr generally muted. In the early 20th century patterns were still common for boys, but gradually solid color jackets became increasingly accepted for boys. We suspect that the English school blazer may have been a factor here. Blazers came in bright stripes, but the solid colors were more common. They were not done on plaid or patterns other than stripes. Grey suits became a standard in England. Black suits were more common in America. There were also patterns that were popular such as Madaras and searsucker in the 1950-60s. and While children wear suits or even sport jackets less today, the classic dress upn tyle for boys has become a blue blazer-style jsacket worn with grey pants.


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