*** Norfolk jackets : chronology

Norfolk Jackets and Suits: Chronology--The 1890s

Figure 1.--This cabinet card shows an unidentified American boy wearing a smart suit. It is a Norfolk suit with the vertical pleats. The collar-buttoning knee pants suit is worn with an Eton collar and plaid floppy bow. The biy klooks tbe aboutb8 years old. The studio is J.J. Walklet of Newmilford, Connecticut.

We have foud numerous images of boys wearing Norfolk suits in the 1890s. It was a popular style. On the previous page we see an American boy wearing a Norfolk suit, probably in the 1890s. Here we see another examample, we believe in the 1890s (figure 1). The cabinet card mount style and the Extrra Finish logo also suggest the 1890s. Notice that you can see the box pleats, but there is no belt. This seems fairly strandard style. We see many boys wearing these suits, just the vertical pleats, not the waist belt. We note both collar buttoning and lapel jackets. Norfolk suits were a style for school age boys. They were commonly worn with floppy bows, although not as large as those worn with Fautleroy suits. Eton collars were common collar style. In America the boys mostly wore knee pants. In Britain, knickers were more common, but knee pants were also worn. We do not see many boys wearing them with long pants. They were usually worn with long stockings. We have to estimate the dates bcause most portraits are undated, but we are fairly confident of our dating. They seem most common in America and Britain, but we have found examples on the continent.


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