Boys' Vest (Waistcoat) Conventions: Worn without Suit Jackets--20th Century Trends

Figure 1.--Here we see children playing in a sand pit at a small park about 1910. We are not sire if this is an American or British image. Note two boys are playing in their vests (waistcoats) without their suit jackets. We are not sure how common this was.

We are less sure about vest conventions in the early 20th century. Boys in the early 20th century wore suits much more commonly than is the case today. Boys wore suits to school and we even see boys playing while wearing suits. Most formal portraits still shows boys wearing vests under suit jackets. With the invention of the Brownie in 1900 we have many more informal photographs of children. We do notice some boys playing who are wearing vests without jackets. We are not yet sure how common this was. A new fashion developed in the 1950s with boys wearing a vest that contrasts with a suit jacket and pants. Some were part of a suit, but others were simply purchased separately to go with a pair of short pants or slacks. It was worn as a semi-formal style of dress. It was normally worn with trousers of contasting colors. This style was particularly popular around the Christmas holidays. Such vests might be a bright holiday color.


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Created: 8:09 PM 7/7/2005
Last updated: 8:09 PM 7/7/2005