Sailor Suits: Germany--Age 13 Years

Figure 1.--Here we see four unidentified German brothers in the 1920s. Notice that the younger and older boys do not wear sailor suits. two unidentified teenagers wearing sailor suits look to be about 10-13 years old.

We see many younger teenagers wearing sailor suits, especially 13 year olds. For the most part teenagers stopped wearing sailor suits, but this dynamic did not yet begin at age 13 years. This was especially common in the early 20th century and continued through the mid-1930s. The unidentified boy here is a good example. We note younger teenagers commonly wearing them through the 1920s and early 30s. It was fairly common to see 13-year olds wearing sailor suits. This began to change after the mid-30s. Sailor suits became less common in the 1930s, especially by the mid-1930s as the NAZIs discouraged this, except for the Marine Hitlet Youth uniform of course. Except for very young boys, the sailor suit had a much to middle-class image for the NAZIs. After the mid-1930s we see younger and younger German boys wearing sailor suits.


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