Sailor Suits: Germany--Age 16 Years

Figure 1.--Here we see two unidentified teenagers wearing sailor suits. The portraitvis undated, but looks like thec1910s oir early 20s to us. The boys surely are teen agers. We would estimate their ages as 14-16 years old.

While we see many yunger teen agers wearing sailor suits, after age 14 they become much less common. We do not a few images of boys 15 and even 16 wearing them. We do not think many boys wore them after age 16. This is often difficicult to estimate wth any precession because most available photographs do not have the age of the children noted. And estimating ages can be done roughly, but not precisely. While we are sure that some boys wore them at age 15. We are less sure aout ahe 16. We think it is likely tht some did, but we can not yet substantiate this. Some photograhs certainly look like the boys may be age 16. The 1920s seems to be the decae that the oldest boys wore sailor suits, but we are not entirely sure about this. As far as we can tell, sailor suits were popular with boys as well as the parents. This proably began to change about age 13 or 14, depending on the chronological period. We suspect that most boys by age 16 would have preferred to wear more mature styles.


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Created: 8:00 PM 4/16/2008
Last updated: 8:00 PM 4/16/2008