Sailor Suits: German Garments--Footwear

German sailor suits footwear
Figure 1.--These two German brothers wear identical sailor suits in the 1920s. Note theur sufferen shoes. One boy wears highttop shoes, the other strap shoes. Given that the older brither wears the strap shoes, we suspect that both boys had two pairs of shoes. The high-tops for everyday wear and the strap shoes for dress-up occasions. Why the boys are wearing different shoes for the snapshot we are not sure.

Sailor suits were so commonly worn over such a long period that we see them being worn with just about every kind of footwear that boys wore. We note boys wearing both shoes and sandals with sailor suits. And we see the many differenht styles of both. We do not see boys going barefoot with sailor suits, but German boys did not commonly go barefoot, except in the countrside and in difficult economic conditions. The footwear on the otherhard was very diverse and basically followed the popular trends in eachg chronological period. There does not sem to have been any kind of footwear especially associated with sailor suits. While there may have not been footwear particulrly associated with sailor suits, there were conventions associated with different styles of footwear. Durung the period in which sailor suits were worn, there were ytpes of footwear considered to be dressier than others, And there were also styles more associated with ply wear or school. These vazrious conventions seem to explain the footwear worn wiih sailor suit rather than any associtions with the sailor style. This is interesting because the sailor suit was such a flexible garment, it could be used n vurtually any circumstance from formal occasins when dressing up, school, and casual occasions, even play. Thus the footwear was often chosen with the occasion in mind.


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