German Girls' Sailor Outfits: Types

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified brother and sister. The boy is reading a magazine. The girl holds a ball. That was not that common for a girl, but not unknown. The older briother wears his school cap. He wears a dark blouse, knee pants, and long stockings. His sister wars a sailor cap with an unusual emblem. She wears a fairly standard middy blouse and skirt. The outfit is made a little dressy by adding a short jacket which was made to be worn as part of sailor outfit. he CDV portrait was taken in Weida during 1910. This was a Christmas portrait. The most important of all German holidays is Christmas. On the back is the enscription, 'Weihnachten, 1910'. We rarely see CDVs in America in the 20th century, but they were still popular in Germany.

There were two basic types of sailor outfits for girls. The first was middy blouses and skirts. Many of these middy blouse outfits had very traditionl styling. For some reason only the gurls blouse are called middy blouses, but this is not a term used in Germany. While white middy blouses were very common. They were usully done with blue detailing. The shade of blue varied, but the most common was aark navy blue. The girl here seems to have detailing done in a lighter shade (figure 1). we also notice dark blouses for winter wear. The second major sailor style was was sailor dresses. Dresses often did not have the same traditional styling so common with the middy blouses. And we see dresses with some sailor elements, but we would not call them sailor dresses. We notice quite a variety of sailor dresses, especially in the 19th century when girls first began wearing sailor styles. While middy blouses and dresses were thge two basuc styles for girls, we notive some other outfits. We note some middy blouses that were worn with jackets. That was not very common, but we notice some examples. And we notice girls wearing middy blouses and rompers for gym at school.


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