German Sailor Suits: Gender Trends--Pants and Skirts

Figure 1.--Here we see a German brother and sister in the 1920s. Notice that their blouses are identical. A "Kurhaus" means a cure or treatment house in the sence of a hotel or resort. A reader tells us, "A Kurhaus is indeed a hotel in a resort, a place where people go for their health and a treatment. These hotels not only provide rooms and meals, they also have medical doctors and physical therapists on the staff. And of course they offer entertainment, sometimes also casinos. A very famous Kurhaus is the one in Scheveningen, a resort on the North Sea in the Netherlands, where many well-known entertainers and bands have been playing. I belive even the Beetles before they became famous. In Germany Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden, Bad Kissingen, Bad So And So, Karlsbad in Bohemia, all have a Kurhaus. Of course, the bigger cities have several. It is an industry."

Middy blouses were essentially the same for boys and girls. As far as we can tell, they are essentially identical. This was mot the same for the other part of the sailor outfits. There were sibstantial differences for the other half of the sailor suit. At the time that sailor suits were popular, boys wore pants and girls wore skirts. Younger boys might wear skirts, but girls of any age did not wear pants, either dshort pants or long pants. As far as we can tell there were no real exceptions to this, onlky the younger boys who had not yet been breeched. American girls wore middy blouses and bloomers for gym in school. We are not sure if German girls as commonly wore similar outfits.


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