Sailor Suits: Germany--Type

Figure 1.--This German boy wears a button-on sailor suit. The photograph is undated, but looks to have been taken about 1915.

German boys, like boys in other European countries, wore different types of sailor suits as well as differet coats and headwear. The middy blouse and suit was the most popular of all the sailor suits. The basic pattern of German sailor suits tended to follow traditional patterns, but there was a wide range of colors and stripes especially in the early 20th century before World War I. These suits were not based on uniforms, unlike sailor suits worn in most other periods. German boys did not commonly wear some of the fancier styles that were worn by French or even American boys. Most of the suits before World War I were kneepants sailor suitsbefore World War I, but short pants suits became more common after the War. We also note button-on suits.


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Created: November 19, 2003
Last updated: November 19, 2003