Sailor Suits: Germany--Fancy Styles

Figure 1.--This German boy, probably about 1910, wears a fancy black velvet sailor suit. Notice he wears white long stockings while his big sister wears socks.

Sailor suits were essentilly a rather plain, utilitarian style for children. Besides the military look, this was probably why it was apopular style with both boys and mothers. Mothers being mothers, hiwever, meant that some wanted fancier outfits. Manu mothers in the late-19th and early 20th century liked to dress their children, both boys and girls, in fancy styles. These ould have been outfits for special occassions. Some were so fancy that only the bare essentials of sailor styling were retained. These fancy styles varied, but often involved the addition of frills such as lace and ruffles. They also used more expensive, luxurious fabrics, including satin and velvet. These fancy styles are of course non-traditional (non-uniform) styles, but it struck us that they were such a major deviation from uniform styles that they merited special consideration.


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Last updated: 12:01 AM 2/18/2008