German Sailor Suits: Actual Suits

Figure 1.--This German sailor suit was dated about 1910 by the museum that posted it. HBC believes that it could be about 1910, but not much later as German boys were beginning to wear short pants rather than kneesocks.

Some actual sailor suits exist. They are helpful in assessing the color, construction, and materials of German sailor suits. These actual suits provide important details on the garments that can not be obtained from photographic images, important though they are.

Figure 1

This suit was worn about 1910. It is a giid example of a sailor suit wotn by German boys from about 1900-15. There are several interesting features of this suit. It is a blue stripe suit on a white background. The color can be seen on the right side of the image (left sleve). The photographer fired his flash at an image and thus the left side of the image is not properly lit. The black silk scarfe is rather short and tied with a destinctive white cord or cloth strip, This appears to be an inexpensive suit for summer wear. It is made of cotton. Note that it is not lined. The styling has two white stripes at the collar and cuffs rather than the more common three stripes. The collar trim is angled. Also note the waist trim and buttons. The kneepants have two white buttons at the hem rather than the more common three buttons. I'm not sure what age boy this was made for, but the middly blouse is 44 cm and the pants are 44 cm, I think his means the length.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: September 2, 2000
Last updated: September 2, 2000