American Sailor Suits: Hair Styles--Ringlet Curls (Late-19th Century)

Figure 1.--This portrait is unidentified. We would guess the boy was about 6 years old. All we know is that the portrait was taken in Philadelphia, Peensylvania. We believe that the portrait was taken in the 1890s.

Some of the boys wearing sailor suits had ringlet curls which became especially popular in the 1880s as part of the Fauntleroy craze. The boys with long hair were a minority, but this of course varied with age. Quite a few bpys at 5 or 6 might still have their curls. By 10 most, but not all boys had their curls cut. The fact that many boys wore ringlet curls with sailor suits is primarily a function of how common the sailor suit was rather than an association between tinglets and the sailor suit--as was the case for the Fauntleroy suit. Huge numbers of boys wore sailor suits so we fimd boys wearing them with just about every hair style.


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