U.S. Sailor Suits: Non-Traditional Styling--Tunics

Figure 1.-- This cabinet card portrait wears a sailor tunic outfit with knee pants. Noyice the white ornamental belt. The card mount and outfit suggests the early 1900s to us, probanly 1900-05. He has a strange kind of hat. He is wearing high top shoes, I think lice ups. We see a gold band on his middle finger. The studio is Garman/Jersey Shore. The card measures 4.5 x 6 inches.

Sailor tunics are a little tricky to assess. Some tunics look rather like jackets and are thus not obvuiously idenyifiable as tunics. And the detailing in some case is also similar. This is mostly the case with tunics done around the turn-of-the 20th century. Most button button as do jackets, although often at the side so the buttons are not readily apparent in most photogtaphs. Other tunics button down the front like jackets and these look somewhat like jackets. Tunics also vary in length. Some, especially the fronmt buttoning tunics are cut at about the same length as jackets. Others are more readily identifiable as tunics. They are cut much longer to about knee length. One strong inficators of tunics is an ornamental belt. As the belts are worn over the tunic at waist level, they can not possibly be used to hold up pants. Tunics at the turn-of-the 20th century were usually dome with these belts. These belts are done in various material. They are often, but not always done in contrasting colors so they show up clearly in photographs.


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