Garters: Purpose

Figure 1.--Here we see what happens when knee socks are work without garters. Some kneesocks were made with elastic woven into the top, but repeated washings made the elastic lose its elasticity.

The original purpose of the garter in medieval times is not altogether clear. Knights may have used straps which at the time would not have bee elasticized to hold on armor. Garters were aso worn by women. They were worn under their dresses, but I am not entirely sure about the purpose. The purpose of the modern garter of course is well known. The modern garter is a device to hold up hosiery. They were worn by both adults and children. Kneesocks were especially difficult to keep up. Even when elastic was woven in to the top of the stocks, they did not always stay up without garters. This was especially true after washings.


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Created: 7:29 AM 7/10/2005
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