Child Actors: David Durand - (United States, 1920-98)

Figure 1.--David Durand played the buggle boy in the popular film about Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa--'Viva Villa!'

David Durand was born in Cleveland, Ohio (1920). His real name was David Parker Grey. His mother was Odette Durand, a well-known writer and poet. David became a child prodigy at the age of 2 years as radio's 'Little Boy Blue'. This led to film offers. He was a staple playing various boy and teenage roles during the 1920s-30s. He had 52 film appearances, many uncredited especially as a younger boy. He is one of those period child actors that is familiar to movie buffs because he appeared in so many films, but few people can name. His first film was the short 'The Big Town' (1925). He was one of the peripheral 'Our Gang' kids during the 20s. Then as a teenager he appeared in 'Viva Villa!' (1934) in which he played the buggle boy. Other films included: 'Angels with Dirty Faces' as boy in pool room (1938), "Scout to the Rescue as 'Rip' Dawson (1939), 'Mitt You' (1940) and 'Glove Affair' (1941). He replaced Noah Beery, Jr. in Columbia's 'Glove Slingers' boxing short subjects series (1940). He left the series to replace Bobby Jordan, who was drafted. in the East Side Kids film series shot by Monogram. He played Danny in several of the East Side Kids films. His last film was the World War II film 'Follow the Leader' (1944). Like many child actors, he was unable to make the transition to adult roles.


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