Child Actors: Mickey Daniels (United States, 1914-70)

Figure 1.--Here we see Mickey Daniels and Mary Kornman taken about 1924. This is a photograph taken of the two and not part of an "Our Gang" film. Notice the smart sailor suit mickey is wearing. He and the other main characters never dressed smartly like this in the films.

Mickey Daniels was born in Rock Soprings, Wyoming (1914). His father was actor Richard Daniels His aunt was actress Bebe Daniels. Hal Roach seeing all those freckles signed him up for the "Our Gang" series (1923). And he was soon a regular in the early Our Gang films. Mickey was commnly grouped with fat Joe Cobb, scruffy Jackie Condon, pretty Mary Kornman, and smiling "Sunshine Sammy" (Ernie Morrison). Mickey of course stood out because of freckled face and toothy grin. He often quickly turned that toothy grin into a frown as needed in thre plot. Many of the films were shot around Mickey competing for the affections of Mary. He and Mary made many public appearances. While a major Our Gang star, Mickey is much less well know to modern audiences because his films were silents that were not shown on TV like the talkies that Spanky, Alfalfa, and Buckweat made. Roach was impressed enough with Mickey to cast him in "The Boy Friends" series. This was a not very successful attemp to capture the Our Gang magic with a grop of teensagers. After this Daniels had a variety of bit parts in both feature films and asorted shorts. He was often cast as a newsboy. His last appearance was in 1946 except for several well publicized Our Gang reunions. He became a construction worker. He died from liver disease in a lonely hotel room (1970).


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Last updated: 1:20 AM 8/22/2009