Child Actors: Robert B. "Buzzy" Henry - (U.S., 1931-71)

Figure 1.--Here we see Robert B. "Buzzy" Henry in one of his Western films. We are not sure yet which one.

Robert B. "Buzzy" Henry was born in Colorado. He began his show buiness career as a toddler at age 3 years. He appeared in Ken Maynard "Western Frontier" (1935). He stared in several unimpressive Western-themed "B" films beginning about age 9-10 years of age. They were produced by independent producer Arthur Ziehm. They included "Buzzy Rides the Range" (1940) and "Buzzy ad the Phantom Pinto" (1941). Not all his films were Westerns. He shared billing with Ace the Wonfer Dog in "Danny Boy" (1946). His primary work was with Westerns. In his teen years he had roles in popular westerns with Roy Rogers, Lash LaRue, Eddie Dean and others. As an adult he did stunt work for major ators, including Frank Sinatra, Glenn Ford, and James Coburn. He also directed second units. He worked in ,ajor productions, including "The Wild Bunch" (1969) and "The Cowboys" (1972). He also did some TV work. He was killed in a road accident. He was apparently drag racing (1971).


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