Clothing and Costumes Worn by Child Actors: Richard Headrick - (U.S., 1917-2001)

Figure 1.--Here we see Richard Headrick. He looks to be about 4 or 5 years old. I am not sure if this was how he wa dressed or this is one of his film costumes. Here he has rather a full head of curls. I'm not sure if this is how he appeared in all his films.

Richard Headrick was a popular child actor in silent films. Like many silent film child actors, we know virtually nothing about him. We do know that he lived in Los Angeles. He was sometimes credited as Master Richard Headrick. He started his folm career at a very young age. We do know what films he appeared in, although we do not know much about them. Richard appeared in 19 silent fims suring 1919-25. He thus was one of the best child silent film stars. Many of these were important films with major leads like Willam S. Hart--the mest know cowboy star at the time. Richard is probably best knowm for his role as the "Little Feller" in "The Toll Gate" (1920), a rather dark Willam S. Hart cowboy film. His last film was "East Lynne" (1925). He was only about 8 years old. Most child stars continued working into their teens. We are not sure why he stopped making films at such an early age.

1919 Fims

We do not know just how Richard first got into films. We know he was from Los Angeles which was am advantage. Richard's first film was "Should a Woman Tell?" (1919). He played Maxon boy. He would have been about 2 years old.

1920 Films

Producers were apparently impressed with Richard's first film performance. He made four films in 1920. Perhaps his most motavle role was in "The Toll Gate "(1920). He was billed as Master Richard Headrick and played "The Little Feller". This was an important film at the time. Ot was a William S. Hart cowboy film. Hart of course was the most popular cowboy star of his era. Richard also appeared in "Shore Acres" (1920) as Richard Berry, "The Woman in His House" (1920) as Philip Emerson, Jr. and "The Testing Block" (1920) as Sonny.

1921 Films

Richard made four more films in 1921. The films were: "The Sage Hen" (1921) as her son as a boy, "The Whistle (1921) as baby, "Playthings of Destiny" (1921) as Julie's child, and "The Child Thou Gavest Me" (1921) as Bobby.

1922 Films

Richard made another four films in 1922. They included: "The Song of Life" (1922) as the neihbor's boy, "Rich Men's Wives" (1922) as Jackie, "White Shoulders" (1922) as little Jimmie Blakelock, and "Environment" (1922) as Jimmie.

1923 Films

Richard made three films in 1923. They included: "Hearts Aflame" (1923) as Bobby Kildare, "The Spider and the Rose" (1923) as Don Marcello as a child, and "The Miracle Makers" (1923) as the boy.

1924 Films

Richard only made two films in 1924, perhaps an indication his film career was declining even though he was still quite young. Another important film was "The Silent Stranger" (1924) playing Laddie Warner. The film started a clergyman who became a cowboy movie star--Fred Thomson. He played played a secret service agent who pretends to be a deaf-mute so he can aprehend Old West mail thieves. Richard's role was the plucky son of the town postmaster. The other film was "Gerald Cranston's Lady" (1924) as Arthur.

1925 Films

Richard's last film was "East Lynne" (1925). He played Willie Carlyle. Richard was only about 8 years old. Most child stars continued working into their teens. We are not sure why he stopped making films at such an early age.


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