Clothing and Costumes Worn by Child Actors: Johannes Heesters - (U.S., 1903- )

Figure 1.--Heer is an estemed German actor, Johannes Heesters, appearing on a television show with a moddern boy actor. We do not yet know if Heesters was a boy actor.

A German reader writes us, "in Germany there is a well-known actor called Johannes Heesters. He is amazing because he celebrated his 101th birthday on December 5th and he is still performing and touring! If I remember right he is in the Guinness Book of Records because he is the oldest still performing actor in the world. In the attached picture you can see him with a young boy. Both performed in this Christmas Show." Heesters was born in Amersfoort, Netherlands, but his stage career was persued in Austria and Germany. He apparently was not a child actor. He was not a child actor. He started acting aged 17 on stage. His first silent film was in 1924. He was known as a singer and entertainer as well as an actor. One source reports that he began his career in Austria (1934) in the Viennese operetta. He was a popular actor during the NAZI era. A Dutch reader writes, "I remember him in countless operetta and Heimat movies. He never returned to Holland (excepts perhaps for private visits), he always worked in Germany, also during the Third Reich until the very end when in 1945 he appeared in 'Die Fledermaus'." He successfully made the transition to the West German movie industry. He is especially known for his musical films.


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