Clothing and Costumes Worn by Child Actors: Tim Hovey - (U.S., 1945- )

Figure 1.--In this film Tim dressed up like a girl. It is from the movie 'Everything But The Truth' (1956). The picture was taken in the wardrobe room and is not a scene from the film.

Tim was born in Los Angeles, California (1945). He was One of the principal child stars during the 1950s. We have been unable to find much information about his movie career. He had the biggest dimples of any child star I can recall. Tim was a charming child actor, but had a very brief career. He was small for his age and thus fit his part perfectly in 'The Private War of Major Benson' (1955). Reviewers claimed he stole every scenre, including the scenes with the over powering Charlton Heston. His most notable film was 'The Toy Tiger' (1956). Other films include: 'Queem Bee' (1956), 'Everything But the Truth' (1956), 'Man Afraid' (1957), and 'Money, Women and Guns' (1959). The image here is from 'Everything But The Truth' (figure 1). The picture was taken in the wardrobe room and is not a scene from the film. A film his fans will especially like is 'Slim Carter' (19??) with Jock Mahoney. Interestingly charming little Tim in his movies crosses swords with two of Hollywoods strongest personalities: Heston in 'The Private War of Major Benson' and the perhaps even more firmidable Joan Crawford" in 'Queen Bee'. Tim also appeared on television.


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Last updated: 1:50 PM 7/10/2005