Clothing and Costumes Worn by Child Actors: Davey Lee (U.S., 1924- )

Figure 1.--Here is apublicity post card of Davey Lee distributed in France. I'm not sure if this is a film costume or his actual clothes.

Davey Lee was a popular child actor at the time that silent films were giving way to the talkies. His brother Frankie Lee was also a child actor. I know very little about him at this time. He was born in California during 1924. He appears to have appeared at a very young age. Silent films had a very wide distribution. Thus he was popular both in Europe and America. His films and roles included: "The Squealer" (1930) .... Bunny Hart, "Skin Deep" (1929) .... Son of District Attorney, "Say It with Songs" (1929) .... Little Pal, "Frozen River" (1929) .... Billy, "Sonny Boy (1929) .... Sonny Boy, and "The Singing Fool" (1928) .... Sonny Boy. Has most of his films were silent movies, we are not yet familiar with them.


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Created: 5:14 AM 11/4/2007
Last updated: 6:06 AM 1/19/2018