Theatricals: Country Trends--Argentina

Figure 1.--Here we see the Children's Outdoor Theatre in Buenos Aires about 1914. We do not know anything about the theater except that it seemed very popular with the childre. It may have been held after school. We see children wearing sailor suits and what look to be their white school smocks.

HBC very little information on Argentine theatricals, all the different media, includung oplays, radio, television and the movies. The only media we have even limited information is the Argentine film industry at this time. Most Latin American countries are noted for only a few important movies. Argentina is one of the three countries with a major film history (the others are Brazil and Mexico). The industry has, however, suffered over time from unstable governments and since the Peron era, an often weak economy. Various Argentine governments have shown some interest in a national film industry. Argentina in the first half of the 20th century had the most important film industry in Spanish-speaking Latin America. That industry by the 1980s have sharply declined as a result of the country' economic and political caos. The Government provided some support such as funding film profuction. These efforts were, however, did not counter the impact of economic decline, political caos, and repressive censorship instituted by military governments. Argentine film makers by the 1980s found it increasingly difficult to compete with foreign-made films. An Argentine reader has mentioned two relatively recent Argentine films: 'Chiquitas' (2001) and 'Kamchatka' (2002).


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