L'Arbre de NoŽl / The Christmas Tree - (?/US, 1969)

Figure 1.--Pascal here wears a Cub uniform. I'm not sure what country this was.

This appears to hve been some kind of international production. The American release name was "The Christmas Tree" and "When Wolves Cry", the video release title. The film was directed by Terence Young. It was based on a book by Michel Bataille. It starred William Holden, but is career was clearly on the decline. The film is rather sappy, but then again it is a Christmas film so a little sentimentality can perhaps be excused. The story line is about Pascal Segur, a 10-year old boy. His mother has died. His father is a rich lawyer--Laurent Segur. Pascal spends his vactions with his busy father. An airplane crashes into the sea while Pascal is diving. Laurent, Catherine (his girl friend), and Pascal enjoy their vacation, but blue marks appear on Pascal. He has been contaminated by nuclear weapons from the crashed air plane. The doctors tell Laurent that Pascal has only 6 months to live. Laurent decided to give him the most wonderful 6 months imaginable. And his efforts center on Christmas. Pascal was played by Brook Fuller.


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