Movie Reviews: Ambassador Bill (United States, 1932)

Figure 1.--Here Ambasador Bill Haroper (Will Rogers) is pictured with the young King Paul (Tas Alexander) and his mother Queen Vanya (Marguerite Churchill).

Ambssaor Bill' was a Will Rogers vehicle. Will Rogers was a popular humorist. He wrote a newspaper column and appeared on both the radio and in the movies. He was the most popular personality of the late-1920s and early-30s. This is not a particularly good film, but Will Rogers fan will want to see it. The plot involves American ambassador, Bill Harper, who is assigned to represent the United states in a small kingdom of Sylvania. that is threatened by political strife and civil unrest. He of course adopts his characteriic unconventiuinal persona. He befriends the very young Prince Paul whose has become king. His father and mother are separated and he is about to be crowned king. Ambassador Harper advises the young King about his responsibilities and tries to protect him from the primeminister and court officials trying to steal the crown. King Paul is played by Tad Alexander (1922- ). This is a child actor we do not know much about. This appears to be his first film, an early talkie. He went on to play in quite a number of films during the Depression years of the early-30s. His career as a child star seems toi have ended when he became a teenager.


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Created: 11:02 PM 12/28/2011
Last updated: 11:02 PM 12/28/2011