Carry On, Teacher: Filming

Figure 1.--Here we see the school yard at the Drayton Secondary School in Ealing in one of the exterior shots. This was a real school with the actual students. Here you can see the uniforms the students worn. (The girls could wear a blouse and skirt or a dress. This was often a seasonal matter.) The actors (who not actual students at the school) can be seen in the background plotting.

The filming was split betwen studio interiors and actul school exteriors. The indoors scenes were shot at famous Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire. The relatively few exteriors were shot at Drayton Secondary School, Ealing. Interestingly, the other major English studio was Ealing Studios, located in the borough. Ealing is a London neighborhood. Drayton Secondary may not have been the precise name of the school. The term 'secondary' suggests it was a secondary modern, but perhaps the reference did not use the proper name of the school. Secondary may be an adjetive rather than a proper noun. We know there was a Drayton Manor Grammar School located in Ealing at this time. This may have been the school used. A secondary modern, however, is more in keeping with the plot of the film--a dreary school that the Head wanted to escape. The external shots included not only the building, but the students at the school. As the plot of the film was rather on the baudy side, we rather wonder if the school or educational authorities were aware of the plot when they gave permission to film the building and students. Being involved in a film probably sounded exciing to the staff and students. A British reader writes,"The school authorities would have known exactly the plot line of a carry on film. These films are British postcard humour films so few would have objected. the type of film." The reasoin I wondered about this is that 'Carry on , teacher' was only the third Carry On film and I thought that perhaps the school authirities might not have understood the plot themes. Of course it was not that the film was sensational, but were a bit baudy. The film had a Ul certificate which meant all ages could see the film at the cinema.


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