A Christmas Memory (U.S., 1997)

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"A Christmas Memory" from 1997 is another film based on a Truman Capote story. Two characters, "Buddy" and "Sook" also appeared in "One Christmas". In this film Buddy and Sook are living with Sook's brother and two sisters in the family home as Christmas 1934 draws near. Buddy and Sook are gathering ingredients to make their fruit cakes, including a pint of whiskey. When all the cakes are made, there is still a bit of whiskey left. First, they give their dog a taste, then Buddy and Sook sample the whiskey. They dance and sing and wake up the house. Sook's domineering sister, Jenny, takes charge and insists that Buddy be sent to a military school. Buddy and Sook are despondant throughout that Christmas season, knowing this may be their last Christmas together. Sook implores Jenny not to send Buddy away, but in the end Buddy and Sook bid each other a tearful goodbye. The advantages Buddy will have at a military school are obvious - he'll receive a much better education than he would in his small Alabama town, and he really needs to make some new friends. Also, Sook's rather dysfunctional family does not make for an ideal home life. Still, it's sad to see two such good companions be separated. Buddy was played by 11 years old Eric Lloyd who wore a sweater, knickers, and long stockings which once or twice drooped to the tops of his shoes, and a winter coat in a few scenes.


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