English Film Industry: Inter-War Era--Kids at the Movies (1920-40)

Figure 1.-- The movies continued to be a major treat for British children. Here we see British kids queung up for a Saturday matinee on a wet, chilly afternoon in 1927. The wether didn't dampen their enthusuam for the weekly treat. Notice the children are still dressed, up but we no longer see Eton collars. We don't know what film they are going to see, but chances are that it was a Hollywood flick. There seems to be an equal number of boys and girls, suggesting that it didn't make much difference as to what was on offer.

The movies continued to be a major treat for British children. As in America, it was generally a Saturday afteroon mantine the kids attended. In the reltively sane atmpshere of the 1920s and 30s, kids walked to the local movie theater with their siblings and friends for the Saturday afternoon maninee showing. The cinema would be filled with kids. British film makers wad trouble competing with Hollywood. This was true for the adults. It was especially true for the kids. The boys loved Western cowboy films as well as the shoot-em-up ganster films. The appeal seems almost universal among kids. A British reader evacuated to America with his brother during the War tells us that he was disappointed when they didn't find any cowboys and Indians. I'm not sure that the girls were as excited about such standard American fare, perhaps they liked the musicals and dance films. Maybe our British readers have siome insights to add here. We still see the kids dressing up to go to the cinema, but we no longer see Eton collaes after the early-20s


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