Movie Costumes: David Copperfield (England, 1999)

Figure 1.--David is shown here in a characteristic cap and a skeleton suit, the clothes in which the David Copperfield character is often pictured. Note the cravat.


This BBC production of the Dicken's classic was aired Christmas 1999.

The Book

Charles Dickens published David Copperfield in 1849-50. David is more or less an autobiography of Charles Dicken' own life. More or less meaning that in most cases he does not use actual names, but makes up the scenery and names of the people. The events and general meaning, however, remain the same. To create such an atmosphere and still have it retain the same essential elements of a true autobiography is an act of shear genius.

The Story

This British telvision production is a fairly straught-forward, faithful production of the novel by Charles Dickens. For details on the story line, click on the book above.

Clothing Styles

This is a very niocely costumed redition, typical of British productions. There is a lot of early Victorain costuming. David in the early scences wears a lot of interesting period clothes with floppy hats and skelton suit-like costumes.


The actor playing David is Daniel Ratcliffe who in 2000 was chosen over a long list of hopefuls to play Harry Potter in the upcoming blockbuster.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: October 26, 29, 1998
Last updated: October 26, 2000