The Go Between: Cast

Figure 1.--The main character in "The Go Between" is Leo played by Dominic Guard. Here we see Leo (in the back ground) and his wealthy friend Marcus played by Richard Gibson who invited him for the Summer. Marcus wears a knicker suit. Notice the hat on the table.

The role of Leo as a boy is played by Dominic Guard, who I would say is about 14 years old, but acts as a younger boy who turns 13 at the end of the film. Long scenes in the film are set around him. Dominic was a fine young actor who occasionally turns up on British TV. Dominic's rich older school friend who invites him for the Summer is Marcus Maudsley played by Richard Gibson. The rest of the cast is Julie Christie (Marian Maudsley), Alan Bates (Ted Burgess), Margaret Leighton (Mrs. Maudsley), Michael Redgrave (The Older Leo Colston), Michael Gough (Mr. Maudsley), Edward Fox (Hugh Trimingham), , Simon Hume-Kendall (Denys), Roger Lloyd-Pack (Charles), Amaryllis Garnet (Kate), Keith Buckley, John Rees, and Gordon Richardson.


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