Houseboat (U.S., 1958)

Figure 2.--'Houseboat' features big name stars Sophie Loren and Carry Grant. There are also three children. Here Tom Winters played by Carry Grant has a talk with his older son, David, who he is just beginning to understand thanks to Cynthia and the Houseboat. David is played by Paul Petersen who was a TV child star at the time.

Carry Grant plays Tom Winters, a widower, decided to move his children to a houseboat so he can be closer to them. Not one of the better Grant films, but mildly amusing. Grant is the master of romantic commedy and did quite a number of them. He is especially good with children. Of course having Sophia Loren in the films adds a little spice. Tom Winters finds himself falling in love with the 'housekeeper', which is understandable since she is Sophia Loren. She actually is the runaway daughter of a wealthy Italian conductor. She can't cook or clean, but otherwise makes an excellent housekeeper. She has run away from her conductor father who complains that she has the finest European education which means she is unable to do anything. Robert, the younger boy, who likes to play his harmonica finds Cynthia after he runs away himself. The children love her and help bring the widower and his children closer together The younger boy is Charles Herbert and appeared in several films. This is his most important film and with big name stars. He did quite a nice job with is role, arguably the best job of the various actors. . Robert wears short pants throughout the film, including a blue short pants suit with very long shorts and ankle socks. Dbid, the older boy, is Paul Petersen and is best known for playing Donna Reed's son Jeff on television. He is 13 years old and wears long pants outfirs, including jeans. Their sister Elizabeth is played by Mimi Gibson.


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Created: August 8, 2003
Last updated: 11:09 PM 5/16/2015