Lassie Come Home: Village School

Figure 1.--Here we see a sceen at the village school. The inside scenes look accurate, but the outside of tghe schools looks very American. The suits the boys are wearing look asccurate, but we are not sure that all of the boys would have had overcoats as shown. Click on the image to see inside the school.

The scenes inside the school look reasonably accurate. We note a scene with the children leaving school. The outside of the school, however, looks to us more like an American than an English village school (figure 1) The costuming generally seems more reasonably accurate. Joe's clothing seems typical for the 1930s. He went to a village primary school. There would not have been a uniform. Boys did, however, before World war II commonly wear suits to school. We are no so sure about the overcoats. Gaberdine overcoats were common, especially at private schools. We are not so sure that all of the boys at a village school would have had wool overcoats as pictured here (figure 1). That said, Yorkshire was the center of England's wool weaving indutry and it does get cold in Yorkshire, although not as cold as in the northern United States. HBC has begun to compile details about clothing in individual English schools. As far as we kknow, however, have not added any Yorkshire village schools to our archive.


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