The Littlest Angel (United States, 1969)

Figure 1.--Here is Patience (Fred Gwynne) trying to help Michael (Johnny Whitiker) adjust to Heavem in the 1969 Hallmark musical poduction of 'The Littlest Angel'.

Michael, a little shepherd boy played by Johnny Whitiker, arrives in Heaven. Johnny doe a very nice job with his part. The made for TV musical was a Hallmark Hall of Fame production. about Michael trying to adjust to Heaven. He has aot of trouble and tries to go back to his parents. It is based on the children's book by Charles Tazewell. Michael is a shepherd boy living in Biblical times. He is suddenly transported to Heaven on his 8th birthday. He doesn't understand what is happening and where he is. A guardian angel named Patience, played by none other than Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster), is assigned to help Michael and show him the ropes. Tony Randal also has a part GwynneGiven that the film was made in 1969, the special effects are dated. You can even see the wires making the chracters fly. The music actually sung by the actors, including Johnny. In our jaded age, some will think it soppy. One commentator suggests, "... this would be a good film to force naughty high school students to watch while doing detention." The specia; effects could use and update, but the music stands very well at is.


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Created: 4:03 AM 11/28/2017
Last updated: 4:03 AM 11/28/2017