Little Rascals (United States, 1994)

Figure 1.--Here Bug Hall as Alfalfa is seen with Brittany Ashton Holmes playing Darla in "The Little Rascals".

Nicely made remake of the classic series. A major talent hunt was conducted to find non-professional kids that looked like the original stars, Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Froggie, etc. The boys mostly wear long pants. There are some interesting scenes. There are several kids, but Alfalfa is a played by a charming little 9 year old (Bug Hall). In one lovely scene, Alfalfa and another boy are trying to run away from some bullies. They hide in a costume room and decide to dress up as girls in ballet tutus. (The boy playing Alfalfa complained on an TV special about having to do this.) They soon find themselves in the middle of a ballet lesson, surrounded by girls. Apparently he had taken ballet lessons and was proficient at it. The director had trouble making him f\dance like an awkward boy as required by the script. In another scene Alfalfa is being chased by a dog and he is only wearing his underpants. He jumps into a swimming pool and looses his underpants. He turns around to see Darla, his girlfriend and an obnoxious boy with her laughing at him. In the TV show about the movie Alfalfa was pictured in a kilt and velvet jacket. I don't know if that actually made the movie.


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