My Pal the King (US, 1932)

Figure 1.--Here the youthful King Charles is seen with the Regent, the evil Count de Mar. The Count wants him to stick to his duties signungbdecrees he has written. Charles is, hoever, more interested in the American Wild West Show. The Count is even more displeased when Charles opposes his plans to tax the people even more heavily.

A European boy king in this Hollywood B feature pot-boiler meets the American cowboy star of a traveling circus. Tom Reed's (Tom Mix) has a popular traveling Wild West show performing in Europe. They are in Alvonia, a small fictionl European country. The boy king of Alvonia is Fascinated by cowboys. At the time, in real life, Hollywood movies dominated the European box office. The boys loved American cowboy movies and the men gangster films. The 10-year old King Charles V (Mickey Rooney) is not keeping up with the assigned tasks. He is fascinated by everything cowboy, like many European boys. A special show is arranged for the King. Charles meets Tom and after talking with him, he is convinced that his subjects should be treated more fairly. Count de Mar (James Kirkwood) who is the young King's Regent is not al all pleased. He had been planning to rise taxes. He begins plotting with Dowager Queen (Clarissa Selwynne) to kidnap the young King and his tutor, Dr. Lorenz (Wallis Clark). Both are thrown into a dungeon. The Count demands that Lorenz that the king and then himself. It is then that Tom takes on his trademark hero role. Charles' aunt, Princess Elsa (Noel Francis), tells that the King is missing. Tom of course manages to track him to the castle where the king is imprisoned. Tom's cowboys and the Count's men fight, and the count ends up drowning. Tom then rescues the King and his tutor, and Charles promises to always treat his subjects fairly. The film has little cinamatic value, but does have some historical value. As silly as the plot is, after World War I and the failed peace, it is how many Americans looked on Europe--a corupt rotting society that America should never waist its young men and treasure on again. This kind of attitide was a factor in the American isolationist movement.


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