(Die) Schwabenkinder (Germany, 2003)

Figure 1.--This scene from "Die Schwabenkinder" shows the boy Kaspanaze (form of Casper), played by Thomas Unterkircher, the priest who escorted the kids, and the rich farmer who mistreated poor Kaspanaze.

"Die Schwabenkinder" was a 2003 made for TV movie. It would translate as "Swabian Children". It is about the children (6-14 years old) of poor families in the Austrian Tyrol (Voralrlberg) and Switzerlandand who worked for prosperous families in Germany. Some describe it as being sold to the farmers by their poor parents. The children in the Spring would to walk over the pass to Swabia (Germany). A HBC reader writes, "The children were made into to be robot-like slaves for rich farmers. This practice lasted from the 17th Century until 1950.


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Created: April 30, 2004
Last updated: April 30, 2004