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You can also select the movies available on HBC by using this alphabetical movie listing. At this time only a few movies have been analized by HBC for clothing information, but more pages are being added all the time. We incourage readers o submit information on their favorite films.

Shady Hill Kidnapping -

Shadow of a Doubt - (US, 1942)

This is a classic Hitchcock thriller. Shadow" is said to have been Alfred Hitchcock's favorite of all the films he directed. Thornton Wilder wrote the script for this taut thriller. Outstanding performances by Joseph Cotten, Hume Cronyn, and other cast members make this film a delight. The film is set in small-town America. In the storyline a niece is enchanted with her mysterious uncle who she comes to believe is a psycopathic serial killer. The tension soars when the killer realizes his niece suspects him. She survives two close calls on her own life before her uncle dies in the unforgettable climax. In the film the niece has a younger brother, "Roger", played by Charles Bates. Charles was 8 years old when the film was made, and he had already played in a number of films, including "Blossoms in the Dust" and "The Vanishing Virginian". Charles also had a part in the 1946 film, "The Green Years". Each of these films is reviewed in HBC.

- (US, 1991)

Rather unnecessary remake of the Hitchcock classic. The boy in this version is only briefly seen and at wears longs. I think a boy does wear shorts in a brief scene at church.

Shadow of Fear - (UK, 1955)

Shadow of the Thin Man - (US, 1941)

A little boy is pictured as Nick Charles' son. I'd say he is about 6 or so. I didn't see him in shorts, but he might have been as his father once jokes about growing up and wearing long trousers and going out with women. The boys outfits are quite varied, a military school uniform, a suit, and an impeccable white long pants sailor suit. There was a scene on a carousel. Boy after boy was pictured in longs. One rather obnoxious boy appeared in a dark suit. He was about 11 and much more formally dressed with a suit and tie. He was wearing shorts with ankle socks. This is typical in many American films--the boy dressed in shorts is a spoiled bratty kid.

Shadow Over the Earth - (UK)

Set in Scotland and focuses on three boys about 6-11, all in shorts. Addresses the subject of bigotry.

Shadrach (U.S., 2000?)

A 1999 or 2000 film released on cable was filmed in Wilmington, NC, and is set about 1935. Contemporary clothing styles are well-represented.

(The) Shaggy D.A. - (US, 1976)

While running for D.A., a lawyer finds himself the possessor of an ancient ring that transforms him into a shaggy canine. His son played by Kevin Cocoran wears longs. I might be confusing this with The Shaggy Dog, or visa versa.

(The) Shaggy Dog - (US, 1959)

Man, prompted by curiosity and a suggestion by a mysterious museum professor, utters magic words from an inscription and becomes a shaggy sheep dog. One of his boys is Disney standard Kevin Corcorran. Both boys wear longs.

Shamus - (US, 1973)

A detective story. I haven't seen the movie, but a TV serial Big Shamus, Little Shamus featured the detective's son.

Figure 1.--Brandon deWilde's performance as Joey in Shane helps makes it perhaps the greatest Westrern of all time.

Shane - (US, 1953)

Surely one of classic all-time favorite Westerns. The film is about a boy's attachment to a drifting gun slinger who saves his father. The father is a sod buster helping to organize fellow farmers against a wealthy rancher. The boy's father, however, has no chance ahainst the gun man hired by the rancher. Shane steps in to take on the hired gun. Brandon De Wilde is a marvelous little actor. His expressions are perfectly done, one of the classic movie performances by a child star. His lines at the end, "Shane, come back Shane," are some of the most famous lines of all time. He wears a bowl-cut hair style which must have been very common for boys on the frontier. He also wears kneepants, but with, if I remember correctly, ankle socks.

She's Been Away - (UK, 1989)

A elderly woman moves in with her nephew's family after the mental institute where she has been institutionalized is closed. The family has a boy about 10. The boy plays the part superbly. The family is very well to do and he goes to a boarding school, but none of that is pictured. He wears long pants.

Sheriff of Las Vegas - (US, 1944)

Bobby Blake had a small part.

Sheriff of Redwood Valley - (US, 1946)

Bobby Blake had a small part.

Sherlock Holmes Films

Few if any literary figures have spawned more films and TV productions than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's master logical thinking detective Sherlock Holmes. Some of the best known were a series of 14 movies released in Britain, most during World War II (1939-46). They added a some evil NAZI characters not in the original books which were set in Victorian times. As far as we know all other Holmes films are set in the Victorian era, as were Doyle's books. An exception is the 'Sherlock' series produced in England that makes no atte,pt to follow Doyle's books, but to update them. British actors Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce played Holmes and Dr. John Watson, but they were American prouctions. Rathbone in particular helped create the Holmes image in the public mind. It is rather surprising tht British film makers did not produce the first Holmes films. Four of the Universal-produced films fell into the public domain when their copyright was not renewed (1970s). These four films were restored and colorised. Some of the films in the series had become degraded over time, with some of the original negatives lost and others suffering from nitrate deterioration because of the unstable cellulose nitrate film. The UCLA Film and Television Archive restored the series, putting the films onto modern polyester film, in a process that was jointly paid for by UCLA, Warner Bros., and Hugh Hefner. There have been several color productions since the 1939 series. There have been many more TV dramas, even series. The best have been done by the British and broadcast by PBS in America. Some of the productions are very well costumed. The 1939 series was not, in part because it was set in comtemporary times. We are only familiar with the American and British productions, but there must have been some foreign productions as well.

Shine - (US, 1996)

An Australian piano prodigy is pushed by his demanding father and as a young adult eventually has a nervous breakdown. As a boy in Australia he wears shorts.

(The) Shining - (US, 1980)

A winter caretaker for a remote, and apparently haunted Colorado hotel drifts into insanity while snowbounded there with his wife and clairvoyant son.

(A) Shining Season - (US, 1979)

True story of a New Mexico track star who learns that he has terminal cancer and devotes the last year of his life to a sports program for youngsters.

Shipwreck! - (US)

The children involved are two girls and a black boy.

Shipwreck Islands - (Spain, 1962)

Boys shipwrecked on a deserted island try to survive.

Shipwrecked - (US)

Reasonably dome Disney adventure with sea captains, pirates and buried treasure. The film is set in the 1850s. The costuming is reasonably done with some interesting costuming details of what a Norwegian boy might have worn. The early seens have a few boys in Norway wearing winter clothing. The movie is set around the experiences of the 12-year old ship's boy. His performance helps, but the film is not very convincing. The film was reasonably well done at first. It provided a sound depiction of the experience of a ship's boy. He is teased by the sailors, who pretend to pull him up into the rigging. The American influence his seen when he is stranded on a Pacific island. The older sailor looking after him appears in a shorts-type garment, but the main character never appears in shorts. The confrontation with the pirates was rather hokey.

Shipwrecked (US, 1991) -

A 12-year old cabin boy and his stowaway friend face treasure-hunting pirates after being marooned on an island.

Shirley Temple films

See actor list

Shoe Shine - (Italy)

Classic film about the life of Rome street children.

(The) Shop on Main Street - (Czechoslovakia, 1965)

Well done film about the NAZI occupation of Czechoslovakia and war against the Jews. The film is about the relationship between a carpenter and an elderly Jewish woman. A boy in shorts and white knee socks can be seen in a street scene. There may be more such scenes.

Shoot Out - (US, 1971)

An ex-gunman is torn between his thirst for revenge and his responsibility for a woman and child.

(The) Shooting - (US)

A possible murder sends two boys into the backwoods as fugitives where they learn self-reliance and personal integrity.

Side by Side - (US, 1982)

Parents struggle to overcome handicaps and care for their eight children who become famous entertainers.

Sign of the Wolf - (US, 1941)

Darryl Hickman

Silence - (US, 1963)

A 10-year old boy staying in a hotel with his mother gets involved with a troop of gypsy midgets. They dress him in a flouncy party dress.

(The) Silent One - (US, 1985)

An evil medicineman on a remote Pacific island blame a long drought on a deaf mute orphan boy and his pet, a huge white turtle. Telo Malase

Silent Witness: What a Child Saw - (US, 1994)

A prosecutor must tackle a racially volatile murder case in which the primary witness is a gang member's younger brother.

Silver Bullet - (US, 1985)

Steven King's novella about a handicapped 13-year old who tries to convince his uncle that a werewolf has committed grisly murders. Corey Haim.

(The) Silver Chalice - (US, 1954)

I haven't seen this, but I saw a show with clips from Natalie Wood movies and she appeared as a slave with a boy about 13 wearing a short toga. I think it was this movie.

Sin's Pay Day - (US, 1932)

Mickey Rooney

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger - (1977)

Sinbad battles dangerous creatures to remove a curse that keeps a young prince from his rightful place on the throne.

Sing Your Sinners - (US, 1938)

A 13-year old Donald O'Conner has a part.

Singin' in the Rain - (US, 1952)

The classic musical "Singin' in the Rain" is a perenial favorite on most lists of all time great film. Many believe it to be the greatest of all the important musicals from the 1940s and 50s. The film is a vehicle for Gene Kelly's dancing and songs written by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown during the late 1920s and early 30s. The plot line is thin, nit thatv it matters much, spoofing motion pictures as they moved from silents to the "talkies". As is often the case in which actors give virtuoso performances, Kelly was not the producer's first choice. The plan was to have Howard Keel play the leading role. Little known today, he was very popular at the time. When Kelly, who also co-directed, was finally chosen, major changes were made in the script. This was a very innovative movie with dscenes combining live action with animation. The producer wanted Mickey Mouse, but Walt refused to let him work for another studio, so they used Jerry from the MGM Tom and Jerry team. Donald O'Connor appeared in a wonderful song and dance solo number--"Make 'Em Laugh". It was probably the reason he won the Golden Globe Award in 1952. The film also included a very young 19 year-old Debbie Reynolds who not only appeared, but provided the singing voice for Betty Noyes. Some film critics consider it a virtually perfect execultion of the musical genre. Despite its cult status today, not all critics at the time were enthralled by it. The film begins with a very brief sequence of Gene Kelly as a boy in knickers. I at first confused this film with "An American in Paris" (US, 1951). scene with a little Mexican girl.

Sinner Take All - (US, 1936)

Threatening letters suggest that the sons and a daughter of a wealthy murder victim have also been targeted by the killer. The classic musical begins with a very brief sequence of Gene Kelly as a boy in knickers. There is a marvelous Gene Kelley scene with the children in "Singin' in the Rain". Kelly began his show business career working with child dancers. He had a wonderful way with children and it shows in this scene. There is also a charming dance scene with a little Mexican girl. This was a very innovative movie with dscenes combining live action with animation. The producer wanted Mickey Mouse, but Walt refused to let him work for another studio, so they used Jerry from the MGM Tom and Jerry team.

Sis Hopkins - (US, 1941)

A spunky country girl is placed in a snobbish boarding school.

Sista Paret Ut -

See "Last Couple Out".

Sister Kenny - (US, 1946)

Interesting movie set primarily in Australia about the famous nurse who developed a treatment for infantile paralysis. A lot of Australian boys appear in short pants and knee socks.

Sister, Sister - (US, 1982)

heated confrontations when a divorcee returns with her young son to the North Carolina home of her two sisters.

(The) Sitter -

Sitting Pretty - (US, 1948)

The intrepid Mr. Belvedere takes on three bratty children, in fact all three are boys. The boys, except the baby, wear long pants. Mr. Belvedere brooks no nonsense from the boys. When the baby misbehaves at breakfast, Mr. Belvedere pours his oatmeal over his head.

Six Pack - (US, 1982)

Kids between 11 and 14 adopt race car driver Kenny Rodgers. Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Fleming, Robby Still, Benji Wilhoite, and Tom Abernathy

(The) Six Wives of Henry VIII - (England, 193?)

The Six Wives of Henry VIII" is an early telling of the Tudor tale. Charles Lauten's version from the early 1930s had a large cast. Much of the cast was costumed in tunic and tights. This seems to be a reasonably accurate depiction. The tunic was not the only garment. We see men and boys wearing jacket-like garments. Tights are a relatively modern invention. Men at the time wore long hose that were sewn together. (That is why tights and pants are referred to in the plural. The tunics and tights were probably the easiest costumes to produce. The jackers and baloon-yupe pants woyld have increased the costume budget. Several guards were costumed in strap shoes. Henry's son Edward was costumed in a tunic outfit. He had white shoes on, but I couldn't tell if they were strap shoes or not. They probably were.

(La) Sixieme Classique - (France, 1995)

La sixieme classique was produced in 1995. It takes place in 1952 in the Dordogne. For Aurelien (Clement van den Bergh), who enters le lycee of Bergerac in the 6th form ("La 6ieme classique") a new life begins. At the same time his father leaves. The new live is terrible exciting. He soon discovers, that he can alter his identitiy in every way he likes, just by imagination. He invents for his classmates a thrilling live that is made better through small pranks, just as he likes and depending on the circumstances. The main character wears different shirts and a long dark coat. He wears a beret and short trousers.

Sixteen Candles -

Anthony Michael Hall

(The) Sixth Sense - (US, 1999)

A HBC reader reports that the film is largely a take off of The Other (1972). The main star of the film was Haley Joel Osment and he mostly wore a school uniform consisting of a dark blazer, dress shirt, tie and long gray slacks. "Tommy Tomasino" was the charactor played by Trevor Morgan. He wore the same school uniform, plus long shorts and a t-shirt in a televison commercial and a explorer outfit (with shorts) in a school play. The boys had gray slacks, maroon sweaters, maroon plaid ties, and dark green blazers for their school uniform.

Skateboard -

Leif Garrett

(The) Skating Rink -

Stewart Peterson

Skeezer - (US, 1982)

The constant attention and loyalty of a therapist's dog help emotionally disturbed children to over come their problems.

Skinner's Baby - (US, 1917)

Jackie Coogan's first movie.

Figure 2.--This is a movie poster for 'Skippy" which proved to be one of the most popilar 1931 films. It helped make Jackie Cooper a major child star.

Skippy - (US, 1931)

Skippy is a classic 1930s Depression era film. It one of the purest example of the many hear-tugging films addressing the relationshopp between a boy, or this case two boys, an his dog. Skippy Skinner is a boy from a comforable middle-class family. He is a mischievous Skippy (Jackie Cooper). Boys of course are expected to be at ;east a liitle mischievous -- part of their DNA. And Skippy is want ignore his parents' rules, often finding loopholes in their what they tell him. Dr. Skinner (Willard Robertson) is trying to tear down the local Shantytown, where of course the poor live. He orders Skippy to stay away from Shantytown. And of course Skippy does just the opposite. He meets Sooky Wayne (Robert Coogan) and they become fast friends. The boys team up to raise money. They needed a license for the pooch that they adopt and love. The film was an adaptation of Percy Crosby's comic strip. As a result a sequel, 'Sooky' was quickly shot. Another child star is involved: Sydney Jackie Searl. It is a good picture of clothes worn at the time, both by the wealthy and the downtrodden.

(The) Sky's the Limit - (US,1975)

A man uses an old biplane in a bid for his grandson's affection. Ike Eisenmann plays the boy. He goes to a ritzy private school and shows up on his grandfather's farm in his uniform, a blazer worn with long pants. He has trouble adjusting to the rustic conditions on the farm.

Slaughterhouse 5 - (US, 1972)

This is one of the rare films which conciously and honestly attempt to recreate the book they are based on. Litrary experts usually point to Slaughterhouse 5 as Kurt Vonnegut's masterwork. It is the book the general public associates with him. The book was the basis for the film. The book was published in 1969 and the film produced in 1972. Coming out during this period, the book and film were seized on by the Anti-War movement. This helped advance Vonnegut to a major American writer. The film is set in World war II, but there are flashbacks to the childhood of the main character, Billy Pilgrim. One brief scene as a POW he remembers how his father taught him to swim. He threw him into the pool. Two of the main World War II events that make up the film are the Battle of the Buldge (DEcember 1944) and the bombing of Dresden (February 1945). Pilgrim, was captured in the Battle of the Bulge, also part of the film's setting, and is sent to a POW camp in Dresden. The guards at the camp are Volksturm, the mix of older and younger German males who were Hitler's last line of defense for the Fatherland. One of the young guards lost his sweetheart, a girl who waves to him in one scene of the film. The Volksturm members appear in uniform, though, if I remember correctly, they appear somewhat ill-fitting and improvised in the film, which was an accurate depiction.

Slave Ship - (US, 1937)

Life and mutiny aboard a slave ship on the high seas and along the African coast. Mickey Rooney

Slavers - (US, 1977)

In 19th Century Africa, slavers use their captives as targets.

Sleepaway Camp - (US, 1986)

In one scene an orphaned boy is taken in by his aunt. She shows him a pretty new dress and explains that he will be brought up as a girl because she already has a son and now wants a girl.

Figure 3.--American clothing styles popular in the late 1960s such as black sneakers, stripped "T"-shirts and jeans, along with vintage cars featuring tail fins, are show cased in the provocative film "Sleepers".

Sleepers - (US, 2001)

A HBC readers tells us that American boys' clothing in the late 1960s and early 70s is illustrated in Sleepers. American clothing styles popular in the late 1960s such as black sneakers, stripped "T"-shirts and jeans, along with vintage cars featuring tail fins, are show cased. The fashion of never tucking in shirts and shirts made withoutvtails are also prominent. This provocative, rather unselling film is written and directed by Barry Levinson and set in New York. It is based on the best-selling book by Lorenzo Carcaterra. It tells the story of events which abruptly terminated the not to innocent, but certainly not terrible childhood of four boys, friends, wise mouths, and altar boys. The film plot describes the dreadful experiences of the boys after they run off with a hot dog venders cart. Of course many will see this as a a mischevious prank, for the vendor working hard to support his family it was no small matter. The boys are arrested and sentenced to a juvenile detention hall where they are terribly mistreated, beaten and assaulted by some of the guards. The film then flashes forward to their revenge which they reak on their abusers several years after their are released. The film is not very effectively narrated by one of the boys, Shakes (Jason Patric).

Sleepless in Seattle - (US, 1993)

A recently engaged woman becomes obsessed with meeting the grieving widower she heard on a late-night radio show. Appealing little movie about an 8-year old boy, Jonah (Ross Malinger), who tries to find a wife for his widowed father through the radio talk show. Ross is a real scene stealer in this film.

Slide, Kelly, Slide - (US, 1927)

'Slide, Kelly, Slide' is a 1927 comedy film made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was a silent film, shot just before the talkies appeared. The director was Edward Sedgwick and starred William Haines and Harry Carey. Frank Coghlan Jr. played Mickey Martin (billed as Junior Coghlan). The title refers to legendary baseball player, Mike 'King' Kelly. He was a flamboyant player, known especially for his daring baserunning. Fans began shantung, 'Slide, Kelly, Slide'. This eventually came out as a popular song. The film proved to be one of the most popular baseball movies. It also helped make MGM leading man William Haines an important star. He plays a brash addition to the Yankees. He prives to be a great player, but his big ego alienates his teammates. An exception is Yankee batboy Mickey (Junior Coghlan) who idealizes Kelly, until he unleashes his invective on an aging player.

Sling Blade - (US, 200?)

"Slingblade" is a modern morality play. The film is the work of Billy Bob Thornton who wrote, directed and stars in the film. "Sling Blade" is another southern gothic tale. The main character is of course Thorton who plays a troubled man named Karl. Karl wcommitted a terrible crime and was encarcerated in a state asylum for 25 years, but has just been released. He returns to his boyhood home. He is now a gentle soul and manages to get a job. An inprobable friendship develops with a boy and his widowed mother. Then an abusive boyfriend reappears and trouble begins.

Figure 4.--"The Slingshot" or "Kadisbellan"is another European coming of age film. Little Roland Schutt (Jesper Salen) comes of age in Stockholm with humor and pathos. Jesper at 14 years old is quite effective as Roland.

(The) Slingshot / Kadisbellan - (Sweden, 1993)

"The Slingshot" or "Kadisbellan"is another European coming of age film. Little Roland Schutt (Jesper Salen) comes of age in Stockholm with humor and pathos. Jesper at 14 years old is quite effective as Roland. His older brother, Bertil, was played by Niklas Olund. The film is based on the memoirs of Roland Schutt, a Swedish inventor. As a boy in the 1920s, he endured prejudice, injustice, and abuse. His mother was a Russian Jew and his father a radical socialist. His father lambastes him for lack of revolutionary fervor. His brother uses him as a punching bag. He gets beaten by other boys who call him a dirty Jew. A teacher bates him with anti-semitic remarks and beats him with a wooden bat. He faces a term in reform school when he unwittingly gets caught up with a bicycle theft ring. The title of the film comes from a slingshot he makes out of condoms, illegal at the time in Sweden.

Slip Slide Adventures - (1978)

A 12-year old chimney sweep (Billie Whitelaw?) literally plunges into an undersea world of playful ocean characters in this bend of live action and animation.

Slightly Dangerous - (US, 1943)

Bobby Blake.


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