Jackie Cooper: Every Day Clothes

Figure 1.--Here we see Jackie with his mother on a boat outing. He looks to be about 11 years old which would mean the photograph was taken in 1932.

We do not have a great deal of information on the every day clothes that Jackie wore. Most of the images we have found are from him films. A few casual publicity photographs provide some insights on the clothes he wore. We note what to look like photographs at home as well as on a variety of outings. He seems to have worn shorts as a boy as a lot of the publicity shots show him him wearing shorts. He seems to have mostly wrn ankle socks rather than knee socks. We notice that in a studio short called "The Christmas Party" short about 1931 that Jackie throws a party for his football chums, many wearing knickers. His mother isn't very sysmpathetic--curious for a publicity shoot. Jackie wears a heavy sailoir coat with what looks like short pants and keesocks. He has some friendly banter with a lady at the studio. Interesting because it sounds rather candid. Finally the studio hosts the party with notables like Clarl Gable serving as waiters. A lot of the child guests are show with interesting glimmpses of period clothing.


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Created: 9:47 PM 2/14/2008
Last updated: 9:47 PM 2/14/2008