Ra Hould: Costuming

Figure 1.--Ra Hould is shown here as a child violin prodigy, which he was, for the Republic picture "Dangerous Holiday" in 1937.

Ra wore a variety of costumes in his films, including short pants suits, sailor suits, an Eton suit, and military school uniforms. Military school was a common topic for boys in 1930s films. He also wore some historical costumes. Here he wears a white short pants sailor suit for his role in "Dangerous Holiday". American boys this age by the 1930s were not wearing short pants sailor suit. Presumably the costume was to give him a youhful appearance for the film. He also wore a dark sailor suit, I assume for the same film. I'm not sure if the dark suit had long or short pants. Both were very traditionally styled suit. Perhaps it was how the producers thought a child prodigy should be dressed. Ra role in "Dangerous Holiday" was a prodigy. A similar approach is followed in "Throughbreads Don't Cry". Perhaps more suitably Ra is costumed in short pants and kneesocks whivch is commented on when he gets to America.


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Created: April 16, 2004
Last updated: April 16, 2004