Child Actor Studio Contracts: Paramount

Figure 1.--These are some of the important child stars under contract to Paramount in the 1930s. This photograph was taken at David Holt's 8th Birthday Party on the Paramount lot. The children in the rear row are (left to right) Peggy Durkin, Dickie Moore, Ruth Botsford, David Holt, Lois Kent, William Frendall, and Patsy Ingram. The children in the front row are Ronald Smith, Betty Holt, Alberta Dugan, Paula Bohn, Baby LeRoy, and Billy Lee.

Pramount was one of the major Hollywood studios of the 1930s. They made large numbers of films in the era before television. As a result quite a number of children were needed for the child roles. Often the child roles were very small, but having a number of children available was very useful. An early Paramount child star who made silent films was Philippe de Lacey. The child starts that worked with Paramount included: Baby Le Roy, Betty Holt, Billy Lee, Virginia Weidler, David Holt, and Lois Kent. The studio had to run a school for the children and there were many birthday parties. Here is David Holt's party in 1935. Notice some of the children are dressed casually and others wear suits. David wears a sailor suit.


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