Alphabetical Movie Listings: Die Trapp Familie in Amerika (Germany, 1958)

Figure 1.--Michael Ande again played Werner in this second film about the Trapp family.

This second film about the Trapp family picks them up after their escape from the NAZIs in Austria. This part of the Trapp family saga was covered in "Die Trapp Familie" (1956). The family came to America to make a new life. The story is how to get their music recognized and find a new home. Of course there is a happy ending. Michael Ande again played Werner. We have, however, few details about the film at this time. Th actual Trapp fmily did notlike "The Sound of Music", considering it to idealized. I'm not sure what they thought about the German films.

Reader Comments

A German reader tells us, "I have seen this film. I saw the first part, too which is much better than the second." A French reader writes, "I have seen both of the German Trapp family films. I saw them in the theater when they were released over 40 years ago! They have since been shown on television here--"Le plus beau jour de ma vie" (in French and German). Both are very nice films hich I am fond of.

Trapp Family

The Trapp family really existed and they did come to America after they escaped from Austria.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: November 27, 2002
Last updated: November 27, 2002