Tomorrow the World: Skippy Homeier

Figure 1.--Emil is not happy about coming to America. Nor did he reveer his parents who defied the NAZIs. Here he has put on his Hitler Youth uniform which he brought with him to America.

The Hitler Youth boy Emil, in both the play and film production of "Tommorow the World", was Skippy Homeier. We know very little about him, both his life and film career. Skippy was born on October 5, 1930 in Chicago. His proper name was George Vincent HomeierThis is virtually all we know about him. As far as we know, Tommorrow the World, was Skippy's only major role. There was not much difference as to when the Broadway play was produved and when the film came out. Skippy would have ben 11-12, perhaps 13 yeras old. We do not other movies, including "Boys' Ranch" (1946) playing Skippy, "Arthur Takes Over" (1948) playing Arthur Bixby, "Mickey" (1948) playing Hank Evans, and "The Big Cat" (1949) playing Jim Hawks, Gil' Son. He changed his name to Skip and was also billed as G.V. Homeier After his first films, he was often cast as a juvenile delinquent until he grew up. He went to UCLA. He had some attemps at lead roles, but became a character actor, commonly used to play villains or other unpleasant characters. He had many bit parts on television, but we do not know of any major roles.


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Created: 9:17 PM 9/19/2006
Last updated: 4:57 AM 1/26/2008