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Figure 1.--Several films have been made about Tintin the famous Belgian detective from the cartoon series. HNC has noted several stills from the films. We do not know, however, what the actual titles are or what the plots were. Cpt. Haddock an be seen here and Tintin is in the middle, wearng a yellow shirt and of course knickers.

You can also slect the movies available on HBC by using this alphabetical movie listing. At this time only a few movies have been analized by HBC for clothing information, but more pages are being added all the time.

(La) Tia Tula (Spain, 19??)

I don't know anything about the movie, but I did see a still with a family group including two kids. One boy who I would say is about 12 years old is wearing a dark (blue or black) short pants suit with knee socks. He is very smartly done up, one of the best done short pants outfit I have ever seen in the movies. I'm not sure about the other child, which could be either a boy or girl who looks to be dressed in a school smock with large bow.

Tiger Bay - (UK, 1959)

Returning from a voyage, a young Polish sailor kills his unfaithful girl friend and abducts the child who witnessed the crime. The child is a girl (Haley Mills) and she gives an unquestionably great performance. The film is told from the child's point of view and realistically deals with childhood. Even so it is made for adults. The child has all the longings, secretiveness, anguish, and imaginations that a child her age displays and none precocity that adult movie makers project on children for amusement. One reviewer says of Haley that "it took one of the most remarkable child performances in memory to give the darkness and life of childhood this faithful expression." She has a wide-eyed, cagey puppy face that could, in a split second, go tabla rasa. She was perfectly cast in the tomboy role of Gillie, an orphan living in a tenement. While practicing her hobby of easedropping, she witnesses a murder. The emotional drama of the movie centers on Gillie's understanding of what truth is and how much of it is owed to unfeeling entities like the police. Her own private moral system allows her to stand angelically in her choir robes at a wedding mass and reach underneath into her jeans pocket to show her friend a bullet taken from the murder weapon. This movie stands out as one of the best performances by a girl in any movie, ranking with Mary Badham in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Tiger Town - (US, 1983)

A 12-year old boy (Justin Henry) turns out to be a good luck charm for an aging ball player. The movie focuses on the boy who handles his part well. The boy is bullied at school, inexplicably by a smallish boy. He wears jeans as do most of the boys at school, which is usual for Disney movies. There are a few boys in shorts in the hall scenes at school, which probably means boys in their actual clothes as opposed to the main characters who were costumed. In the scenes shot at the ball park a lot of boys are in play shorts.

Tilt - (US, 1979)

A would be rock singer uses a 14-year old pin ball whiz to settle a score with a middle-aged pin ball champ.

Time Bandits - (US, 1981)

Worthwhile movie featuring a boy about 12 or so and his trip through time. An English school boy goes time traveling with dwarfs, who are would-be outlaws. Rather a bizarre movie, but Craig Warnock is very effective in his part. He wears long pants. He is the epitome of a nice little English school boy. Surprisingly, given the time travel angle of the film, the costumes are not very interesting. He does wears a short Grecian tunic affair in a brief sequence. On the Titanic, where the dwarfs all wear formal tuxedos, he dresses just like them, rather than a more appropriate velvet suit for a rich boy his age.

Time Flyer - (US, 1985)

An 11 year old boy travels back to 1927 to alter the events surrounding the death of his grandfather, an aviator who died during a transatlantic flight. Huckleberry Fox gives a super performance as the little boy. He shows up in long pants, but is soon put into knickers. He isn't impressed when they are presented to him. He complains that they are "to little." His grandfather assures them that he wore them when he was a boy. He holds them up, unconvinced and complains again that "they are so little!"

Time of the Apes - (Japan, 1987)

A woman and her children take refuge in an experimental life-sustaining capsule where they are preserved in a state of suspended animation to escape an earthquake. They emerge from the suspended animation into a future world ruled by apes. I think this is the color film I saw with two Japanese kids (a boy and girl) and a young woman who get transported to a land ruled by apes. They are rescued by a young man. The boy is about 10 or 11. He wears the extremely short, jean shorts common in Japan at the time--sometimes with a jacket. It is an abysmally made film, the dialogue and plot line are horrendous. I saw it on a cable Comedy Central station where bad scifi films are presented with comments from a host and two robots. The boys shorts are very short and it is was commented on, but I forget now just what they said. They team up with a juvenile monkey dressed in jeans (longs). During the later phases of this interminable film the boy dons longs, I'm not sure why as I missed the transition.

Time Without Pity - (1956)

A man attempts to save his son who is destined to die within 24 hours.

Timemaster - (US, 1995)

A boy has the power to alter history when he is sent back in time to prevent his father's death.

Timothy's Quest - (US, 1935)

Dickie Moore wears short pants with over the knee stockings.

(The) Tin Drum (Germany-West/Framce, 1979)

Brutality, mortality, and senuality are the focus of horror in Volker Schlondorff's adaptation of Gunter Grass' slippery allegory, about a malignant Peter Pan who refuses to grow up and join the adult world of 20th Century Europe. The boy, the central character, is seen repeatedly beating his tin drum. The Tin Drum is a stunning drama about a boy's reaction to the thugish violence of NAZI Germany. The movie was a West German-French production. It is a rather faithful production of GŁnter Grass' masterpiece. Young Oskar from the age of 3 years refuses to grow. Depicts a young boy's view of a depressing moment in history; Nazi Germany. At age 3, he purposefully maims himself so that he will not grow to be an adult. As planned, he remains a midget the rest of his life and views the grotesque adult world through a child's eyes. Disturbing allegorical look at the outcasts of society. Directed by Volker Schlondorff. The director was Volker Schlondorff. The stars were Mario Adorf and Angela Winkler and featured David Bennent as the boy.

Tintin movies (Belgium, various years)

Several films have been made about the famous Belgian detective from the cartoon series. HNC has noted several stills from the films. We do not know, however, what the actual titles are or what the plots were. They appear to be be very low-cost productions. As films they have little merit, but because they feature one of Belgium's pop-culture icons they are of some importance. They also often feature children. HBC has, however, no information on the costuming. Often in low-budget European films, the children wore their own clothes rather than being costumed. I do not know if this was the case in these films.

Tintin - (US, 2003?)

A HBC reader reports that Steven Spielberg and Dream Works are going to produce a movie of one of the "Tintin" ("Kuifje" in Dutch) albums.

(The) Tin Star - (US, 1957)

Decent Western about a bounty hunter who helps a young sheriff clean up a town. A poor widow has a mixed-blood son and takes in the bounty hunter. The boy plays his part well. Not much in the way of costuming. In one scene the boy curls up by his mother in his night shirt waiting for the bounty hunter to come home.

Titanic Disaster Films

The RMS Titanic is the most famous oceanliner of all time even though it never complete a single voyage. The public was shocked at the suinking of the unsinkavle Titanic. The public was fascinated with the luxurious ocean liner from the time of the launching. And that fascination only grew when news of its sinking broke. That fascination continues to this day. There have been several films made about Titanic. The best known is the the 1997 DiCaprio blockbuster--Titanic. The most accurate and arguavly the best is 'A Night to Remember' based on the Lord book. Various other versions of differing production values have been made. Costuming in all of these films is an importznt element.

Tito and Me - (Yugoslavia, 1992)

A political comedy set in 1954 Yugoslavia. The main character is 10-year old Zorab (Dimitrie Vojnov). He is a bit chubby and obsessed with food. He has a crush on a schoolmate, Jasna who dismisses him. He is also fascinated by the country's dictator--Tito. He wins an essay contest, "Do you love Comrade Tito and why?" While he gets to spend time with Jasna, he is abused by the tour coordinator, a martinet of a youth leader. A reader writes, "Well, this snipit makes the film sound kinda dreary. It's basically correct but misses some subtlety - and humor! It's a coming of age film plus political statement, and the boy, Zoran, has some very funny scenes. The Communist youth leader in the film is NO match for Zoran. At the end of the film he's the other kids' hero."


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