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You can also slect the movies available on HBC by using this alphabetical movie listing. At this time only a few movies have been analized by HBC for clothing information, but more pages are being added all the time.

(The) Ugly Kid a.k.a. Lloyd - (US, 1998)

Filmed in Northern California, the kids wear the common shorts (mostly) and jeans of the late 1990s. A charming little film starring Brenden Ryan Barrett.

(La) Ultima Batella - (Mexico, 199?)

TV-quality film, but it focuses on a group of cute elementary school children who after aggravating their unsympathetic teacher battle with an old tramp. They all wear longs. There is a humerous skinny dipping scene.

(El) Ultimo Show del Circo - (Mexico?, 1974)

Spanish language film. A sick child tries to find his parents.

Uma História de Futebol - (Brazil, 2000?)

Uma História de Futebol ("A Soccer Story") is a touching, Oscar-nominated short film, only 22 minutes. An elderly man takes a nostalgic look back at the days of playing soccer in the streets of a small Brazilian town with his friends. An unforgettable match portrays future soccer star Pelé when he was a youngster. It deals with Pele, without really showing him. The movie makes Pelé as a mith. It is directed by Machline Paulo. The film shows a lot of clothing of what the children in Brazil were wearing.

Uncle Buck - (US, 1989)

John Candy vehicle in which he plays a boorish, but of course good-hearted uncle. It is perhaps his best film. Notable for its understanding of childhood psychology, especially how parents can embarrass their kids. It is the first time I saw a rather engaging little boy about 6-7 (MacCauley Culkin). He is the nephew and ably plays his rather small role, the funnist part of thec film. His dead pan performance is just great for the part to offset Candy. And it caused Hollywood to take notice of the comic possibilities. It is thus a kind of percussor to 'Home Alone'. The costuming is typical 1980s period clothes.

Uncommon Valor - (US, 1983)

Uninteresting movie about Americans held captive in Southeast Asia. At the very beginning the captive, played by the "Small Wonder" boy, appears in his pajamas as a boy with his father.

Unconquered - (US, 1989)

Powerful Civil Rights film set in Alabama. The film is primarily about teenagers, but the younger boy is pictured at the beginning. No interesting costumes. Bullying is pictured at the high school. In one scene the two "liberal" boys are forced together in an effort to have them kiss.

Under My Skin - (US, 1950)

An American boy (Orley Lingren) grows up in Europe with a father who is a crooked jockey. He tries to reform for his son's sake. The boy is about 12 or so. The young actor does his rather poorly written part well. He is outfitted in a long pants suit. The film is loosely based on Hemingway's "Under My Skin.

(The) Under Pup - (US, 1939)

Dickie Moore

Figure 1.--'Under Ten Flags' is is a rare realistic Hollywood World War II film. It is about the The Germnan surface raider 'Atlantis', the most sucessful raider. 'Atlantis' preyed upon British and Allied merchant shipping in the lightly patrolled South Atlantic. The tightly streached Royl Navy was able to devote only limited resources to the South Atlantic. The 'Atlantis' story is an actual true account and fairly acurately depicted. The children in this scene have just been forced to escape the ship they were traveling on before the Atlantis sunk it. The German captain did not want to be responsible for the killings of innocent civilians. Taking percautins like this exposed the Atlantis to Royal Navy patrols.

Under Ten Flags - (US, 1950)

'Under Ten Flags' is is a rare realistic Hollywood World War II film. It is about the The Germnan surface raider Atlantis, the most sucessful raider. Atlantis preyed upon British and Allied merchant shipping in the lightly patrolled South Atlantic. The tightly streached Royl Navy was able to devote only limited resources to the South Atlantic. The 'Atlantis' story is an actual true story and fairly acurately depicted. The children in this scene have just been forced to escape the ship they were traveling on before the Atlantis sunk it (figure 1). The German captain did not want to be responsible for the killings of innocent civilians. Taking percautins like this exposed the Atlantis to Royal Navy patrols. U-boat captains were some of the most vicious villans depicted in early War films. Ironically, German commerce raiding would prove to be a very minor part of the ar crimes for which the Germans were pocecuted. Some German raider and U-boat captains were brutal, but many, especially at the beginning of the War, were concerned about civilan deaths. He survived the war> His civility helped him against charges of war crimes. He went on to serve in the West German Navy until his retirement.

Undercover Kid

Jeremy Lelliot stars as a kid who wants to be a cop like his deceased father. Jeremy wears short pantss most of the time.

(An) Unexpected Family - (US, 1996)

A emotionally distant career woman is faced with the daunting task of raising her sister's young children.

(The) Unforgiven - (US, 1993)

This Clint Eastwood film is Western showing the raw side of the West. It is an important film, thoughtful film if rather dark film. It almost entirly about adults. Movie goers who like Wesrerns needs to see this. It is not, however, one of thosecfilms you neededc to see more than once. The main character played by Eastwood is a retired gun slinger. He is attempting to rise two kids, a boy and a girl, after his wife died. They live on a not very successful hog farm. The boy is about 10-11 years old, the girl a little younger. They appear only at gthe beginning of the film. Their dialogue is very limited, but they both do a good job. And of course it is for them that the Eastwwod character decicdes to take on the killing project.

(Der) Unhold (English, French, German, 1996)

See "The Ogre".

Unhook the Stars - (US, 1997)

A neighbor tries to become a surrogate mother for the son of a vulnerable, recently divorced woman. The little boy, JJ (Jake Lloyd) is about 5 years old.

Union Depot - (US, 1932)

Dickie Moore

Unmarried - (US, 1938)

A 14-year old Donnald O'Conner has a part.

Unman, Wittering & Zigo - (UK)

Thriller set in a British boy's school. A young teacher is threatened my murderous pupils.

(The) Unseen - (US, 1981)

Story about a brother and sister who draw other children into a monstrous doll house which consumes them. I think this is the title, but am not positive. At any rate while the boy is cute, he wears longs and there are no interesting scenes.

Unstrung Heroes - (US, 1995)

Very well dome film. Scared by the illness of a parent, a boy seeks refuge with his oddball uncles in a delicately acted film addressing family ties. The boy appears in longish shorts. Stephen (Stephen Watt) learns to accept his unusual Jewish family. The film is a bit whimsical, but rather ponderous. Stephen wears shorts, but is rather unkempt.

Untamed - (US, 1940)

Darryl Hickman

Untergang / Downfall (Germany, 2004)

'Untergang' (Downfall) is a Grrman film depicting the demise of NAZI Germany focusing on Hitler's final 10 days in his Berlin bunker--the Führer Bunker (April 1945). It was directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The screenplay was written by Bernd Eichinger. It was based on important books about the events depicted. One of the most important is Inside Hitler's Bunker, by Joachim Fest. Fest is one of tge most important German historiandns specializing on Hitler and the NAZIs. Other sources were: Until the Final Hour (the memoirs of Traudl Junge, one of Hitler's secretaries: Inside the Third Reich (a revealing, but self serving menmoir by Albert Speer), Hitler's Last Days: An Eye–Witness Account (Gerhardt Boldt), Das Notlazarett Unter Der Reichskanzlei: Ein Arzt Erlebt Hitlers Ende in Berlin(Doctor Ernst-Günther Schenck), and Soldat: Reflections of a German Soldier, 1936–1949 (Siegfried Knappe). Thge film not only covers what was happening in the clautrophobic Führer Bunker, but was going on above ground as the Red Army fought its way across Berlin towrd the Reich Chancellery and and the Reichstag. What the Soviets xwanted most of all was the Reichstag. Itwas seen as thge seat of NAZI power. In g=fact after the Reuichstag fire (1933), it was never restored and used by the NAZIs. The seat of NAZI power was the nearby Reich Chancellry. The Führer Bunker was located in the courtyard of the Reich Chancellery. Thus we see not only Huitler anf his chronies along with the Goebbeks children in the Führer Bunker, but the sacrifices of the German soldiers and Hirlker Youth dieing in a futile attempt to protect Hitler. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Figure 2.--Many scenes in the East German film "Der Untergang der Emma" are set in school. Notice the girl to the right who is the only child wearing a red Young Pioneer scarf and Pioneer shirt. Notice the Pioneer shield on her sleeve. We are not sure why she is the only one so dressed.

(Der) Untergang der Emma - (East Germany, 1974)

The title of this film was "Der Untergang der Emma" which would translate as something like "The Downfall of Emma. It was a children's film made in East Germay (DDR). We are not sure about he date, but we would guess about 1986 as a very rough estimate. We do not know a great deal about the film. It was a tale about a couple of kids about 12 years old who amongst other things borrow their grand fathers boat and nearly sink after an accident with a bridge. The usual scenes of parades and East German propaganda are there as well as many the school scenes. The boys have long hair. Most wear long pants to school, but some boys wear short pants. Interestingly almost none of the children wear their red Young Pioneer scarves. As late as the 1970s, wearung their Young Pioneer scarves to school was much more common. We are not sure how to interpret this, hopefully our German readers might have some insights.

(The) Unvanquished -

See "Aparajito."

Up the Academy - (US, 1980)

The outcast sons of an Arab sheik, a Mafia boss, a corrupt politician, and a greedy evangelist run rampant at a military prep school, Weinberg Academy. The academy is basically a boarding school that accepts problem kids. It comes with a sadistic leader and gay dance teacher. Ralph Macchio, Ron Liebman.

Upper World - (US, 1934)

"Upper World" from 1934 is a Depression-era drama about the lifestyles of the wealthy. Railroad magnate Alex Stream, his wife, and son, Tommy, live in a posh home on Long Island. They are surrounded by servants who cater to their every need. All is not idyllic, however. Mrs. Stream is an active member of high society whose time is spent, it seems, at parties and on vacations. Neglected by his wife, Alex begins a love interest with a show girl, Lily. They are able to conceal their affair from everyone except Lily's conniving stage manager, Louie. Louie decides to blackmail Alex, but his scheme fails when Alex refuses. A gunfight follows, and Louie accidentally kills Lily. Alex then shoots Louie in self defense. Eventually, the police connect Alex to the sootings. In the meantime Mrs. Stream, tired of her empty life, reconciles with Alex. Alex is acquitted and he, his wifr, Tommy, and the chauffeur set off for England and a second honeymoon. Dickie Moore has a small role as Tommy.

Figure 3.--This scene from "Uprising" shows the market in Warwaw just before the German invasion. The boy on the right selling green groceries wears a green tweed jacket, grey short pants, and grey long stockings and hightop shoes. The boy mounting the steps wears a flat cap, a dark suit with short pants, grey ankle socks, and hightop shoes.

Uprising - (US, 2001)

This 2001 American film is about he Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto during 1943. It was directed by Jon Avnet. It starred Jon Voight, Donald Sutherland and Cary Elwes and contains some historically accurate illustrations of boys' clothing. We have several images of the film. The movie is an absorbing dramatization of the Jewish uprising against their Nazi oppressers in the Jewish ghetto in Warwaw in 1943. The events of the story are quite true and quite harrowing. Jon Voight played Major-General Stroop, the Nazi commander and Cary Elwes played Dr. Fritz Hippler, a propaganda civilian employed by the Nazis to make films showing the Jews to be little better than vermin. Donald Sutherland plays the leader of the Jews in the ghetto who is eventually forced to commit suicide. One scene shows Dr. Korczak with his orphan boys in the ghetto, an episode that can be interestingly compared with the Polish film, Korczak, directed by Andrzej Wajda, a scene from which I sent you recently and example. Here the boys are packing for their fatal train journey to the concentration camp where they are slaughtered. Dr. Korczak is cheering them up and trying to get them to regard the impending journey as a kind of adventure. The boys are dressed in the same way as the boys in the Polish film and in fact the director may have copied the clothing styles.

Ups and Downs - (US/Canada, 1983)

Two conniving room mates in a Canadian boarding school match wits with their strict headmaster. Students at the coeducational St. Martin's prep school learn about life and rebellion in a funny, touching way. The students children are older teens, as if the entire school was composed of upperclassmen. All of the boys wear longs, except for sports.

Ups & Downs - (US/Canada?,1983)

Uranus - (France, 1991)

Tensions run high in a 1945 French village as residents ponder who among them were NAZI collaborators. One of the main characters is the village school master who, because his school is bombed out, hold classes in the village pub (or whatever the French call it). Interestingly the pub operator becomes a lover of literature as he listens in to the lessons. Many of his boys wear shorts and knee socks, but I didn't notice any smocks in the bits I saw. Unfortunately the film mostly shoots around the kids.

Uros Blesavt (Yugoslavia, 1989)

The film about the village children borrowing a horse to carry their camping gear is called 'Uros Blesavt'. I think this is the name of the leading character in the story. There were a lot of Yugoslav films made for family viewing. Most of these films have a Balkan background where the plot is played out. The plots commonly involved rural communities and children out witting the rural peasantry. There is good comedy. 'Uros Blesavt' is a good exampleOne scene which would have children laughing in delight concerns a farmer who arrives at a tavern. He ties his horse to a tree and goes to have lunch. His back, of course ,is turned away from the horse. Meanwhile two boys who are carry camping equipment borrow the horse. The farmer returns and is not looking at his horse directly. He unties the reins and walks away. These have been tied to the rocks. Eventually the reins snap and the farmer realises his horse has gone.

Used People - (US, 1992)

I haven't seen the film, but a boy about 11 or so is featured in the promos. Another smaller curly-haired boy is also involved.


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