Das Wunder von Bern: Costuming

Figure 1.--Football is a passion for Matthias and his friends. Matthias is at the far left. There football must be the most worn in movie history. Here is part of the game. To see the rest of the gane and the football click on the image.

Matthias wears a variety of garments. He wears a charcteristically German cap. He has short lederhosen much of the time with ankle socks. Some other boys wears kneesocks. He also wears a jacket that almost comes down to the bottom to his shorts. He sometimes wears long pants. The other boys wear a variety of shorts, mostly knee length, but a few wear the very short length that Matthias does. Louis Klamroth who played Matthias apparently didn't care much for the lederhosen. When interviewed about the film, Louis called them "hot pants" lederhosen and kept tugging at them when he was sitting down because they were so short. The actor who played his older brother, was in a band and wore American style clothes and had a 50s American haircut which illustrated the German fascination with American culture, especially music.


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Created: April 27, 2004
Last updated: April 27, 2004