Stage Productions: Mrs. McThing--Other productions

Figure 1.--In this 1984 off-Broadway production of "Mrs McThing", Howay wears a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit, complete with lace collar and floppy bow.

While never made into a movie. HBC has noted at least ne major revival of the play. It is also often produced in local theater as well as a popular choice for school productions. Interestingly, in these various productions, the thing that changes the most is Howay's costumes. It varies from Little Lord Faubtleroy outfits to short pants suits. Short pants suits without fancy additiions are normally the costume chose for Howay in local theater, in part because this is the cheapest to produce. At any rate, in virtually every production, only the bad Howay is allowed to wear long trousers.

Figure 2.--Howay in this 1990s localmtheater production wears a blue short pants suit.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: December 15, 2001
Last updated: December 15, 2001